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City Hive is your go-to eCommerce solution. Bring your business online with ease and full customization. Keep your business and brand the way you want. Integrate KORONA POS with City Hive and create a beautiful website, app, and use advanced marketing tools for your business.

eCommerce Website

Meet your customers online, have a custom site made to fit your business and brand.

Mobile App

Give your customers even more convivence with a custom app.


City Hive helps with search engine optimization and drive more traffic to your website.

Marketing Tools

Use website and mobile app data to learn more about your customers.

With City Hive, sell to the 60% who look online first. Discover how a digital transformation can boost your business in-store and online with the click of a button.

-City Hive

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Interested in working together to help businesses grow and succeed? Discover new opportunities by partnering with KORONA POS. Let’s create a solution for people so they can make their goals happen.

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